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Annapolis High Takes First Place in 3rd Round

Jan. 4, 2010

      Annapolis High School math students captured first place in Round 3 of the Anne Arundel County High School Mathematics Competition at Anne Arundel Community College followed by Severn School in second place and Arundel High School in third.

      The Annapolis High team remains in the lead for the year.

      The school’s team scored 10.67 in the third round, which took place at AACC’s Arnold campus on Dec. 12. Severn School scored 10.0 and Arundel High School reached 9.67. The competition drew 120 students representing teams from 14 county public and private high schools.

      Organized by AACC, the competition has five matches. Each match has two phases. In the first phase, students work individually to answer as many of six questions as possible during a 30-minute period. The two students who achieved perfect scores were Constantine Nakos from Severn School and Huaiyu Wu from Annapolis High School.

      In the second phase, students work in teams of up to five members to answer another set of six questions in 30 minutes. Teams from Annapolis and Arundel high schools achieved perfect scores on this part of the competition.

      School scores are then computed by adding the best team score to the average of the top three individuals’ scores. First round scores, excluding the top three performers: Broadneck High, 9.0; Severna Park High, 7.67; Key School, 7.33; Meade High, 7.0; Chesapeake High and Glen Burnie High, tied at 6.67; Archbishop Spalding and North County High, tied at 5.0; Indian Creek, Northeast and South River high schools, tied at 4.0.

      For the year, Annapolis High leads with a score of 32.67 followed by Severn School at 30.33 and Severna Park High at 26.33. Tied for fourth place are Arundel High and Key School at 25.67. Other totals are: Broadneck High, 24.33; Chesapeake High, 23.33; North County High, 22.0; Meade High, 21.0; Glen Burnie High, 20.0; South River High, 17.0; Archbishop Spalding, 15.0; Indian Creek, 11.67; Northeast High, 7.33; Old Mill High, 3.0.

      For information about the Jan. 9 round of competition, call Evie Robbins, AACC associate professor of mathematics and the competition director, at 410-777-2556.