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'Understanding Emerging Fiscal Crisis' Lecture

Feb. 9, 2011

      The Institute for the Future at AACC presents a free, brown-bag lunch lecture on Tuesday, Feb. 15, on “Understanding the Emerging Fiscal Crisis: How the Local and State Fiscal Problems will Shape the Business Environment and What You Can Do About It."

      Presented by Richard O’Sullivan, principal of Change Management Solutions, the lecture on the Arnold campus will examine the growing fiscal crisis facing state and local governments nationwide, and in Maryland in particular, and how different resolutions could define the business environment. O’Sullivan plans to discuss four ways these crises will resolve themselves: cuts in government services, increases in public revenues, passive Federalization and passive and active privatization (e.g. public-private partnerships).

      Those attending will learn how to use alternative futures modeling to assess how the different outcomes could affect their business, organization or market and how to plan for multiple outcomes. The event takes place in the Careers Center building Room 129. For information, call 410-777-2708 or or visit