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AACC triples donations for annual Thanksgiving drive!

The staff and faculty of Anne Arundel Community College collected $1,550 – TRIPLE last year’s donations of cash, gift cards and checks – during this year’s annual holiday food drive for Food Link run by the college’s Professional Support Staff Organization’s Community Service Committee. With these extra funds, Food Link can now provide Thanksgiving meals to those who were on the waiting list! In addition, AACC gathered enough food for 75 complete meals, plus another eight boxes of food, which Food Link hopes to use to put together another 25 meals. This drive is just one example of how the AACC community enjoys giving back to our greater community.

A Thanksgiving Message from Dr. Dawn Lindsay

My mother was a planner and every occasion was an “event.” Thanksgiving was no different. Although we had the same holiday meal every year, my family approached each season as if it was our first go around. By the end of October, Mom had ordered a fresh turkey and picked up all the nonperishable food items. This included her special ingredient, poultry seasoning. She always worried if we didn’t have all the necessary items well in advance, the stores would run out.

When I was in my 30’s, I took over the responsibility of preparing the Thanksgiving feast for our immediate and extended family. I still remember how weeks before she insisted we had to have everything on hand by the end of October. This was a little difficult given I lived in California and was not due home until the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Our last Thanksgiving with Mom was in 2010, and she and I had the same conversation we had every year over my tendency to not pick everything up until 24-48 hours before the big meal. My mother would swear the stores were going to run out of everything including the poultry seasoning. While I inherited her planning skills, I always tried to reassure her that I seriously doubted there was going to be a sudden rush for all the poultry seasoning.

So imagine my shock when I went to the grocery store on Thanksgiving Eve that year only to find she was completely right – not one single bottle of this apparently very popular ingredient could be found on any of the shelves. In a panic, I quickly found a clerk and pleaded that surely there had to be some somewhere. He finally agreed to check in the back, and out he came holding this miniature bottle of poultry seasoning - you can only imagine my relief. It was the smallest container I had ever seen but would do the trick for our meal and was even the “right” blend. Needless to say, our family dinner turned out just fine. I never told this story to my mom but I did share it with my dad, who just smiled as they had been married 62 years and he was very familiar with her organizational skills.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday and I loved this holiday week as I not only got to see my family but I could also catch up with friends. Even though I moved to California in 1994, I made sure I was always back home with my family each year. We had many traditions that will carry us well into the future. One of my favorites involves my father’s pumpkin custard pies. Dad has always insisted on making his special recipe, a family favorite, himself.  Each Thanksgiving Eve, once I finish with my cooking preparations, he takes over the kitchen, preferring to bake his pies late in the evening so the crusts “don’t get soggy.” While he has shared his recipe with me, pie baking is still “his job.” This year will be no different and on Wednesday night, at 89, he will be busy creating his pies with the same love he has given year after year.

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