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Noncredit Course Disclaimers

This page discusses noncredit course advertisements and personal finance instruction disclaimers.

Noncredit Course Advertisements
Courses and class schedules listed in the Noncredit Schedule of Classes, promotional literature and on this Web site are subject to change. The college regrets any discrepancies or typographical errors. This Web site, the Noncredit Schedule of Classes and any promotional literature are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the student and the college.

Personal Finance Instruction
AACC's personal finance instructors do not provide advice on specific investments. Neither AACC nor the instructor is responsible for any investments students make.

System Downtime
AACC is committed to providing current and progressive technology to enhance and support the college mission. In order to provide superior service to the college community, regular maintenance is required. Visit the college's current system downtime schedule