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LPN to RN Advanced Placement

LPN's who have an active unencumbered Maryland license, in agreement with the Maryland Board of Nursing and the Maryland Higher Education Commission, and have met all program admission requirements will be awarded 8 credits, which is equivalent to NUR 120 & NUR 122. They will need to pass the NUR 121 Physical Assessment Skills competency, both written and practice tests, with a satisfactory score.

  • All students will be required to take the remaining nursing sequence
  • Students will register for NUR 130 and NUR 131 in the initial term.
  • Students will register for NUR 220 and NUR 221 in the second term.
  • Students will register for NUR 230 and NUR 231 in the final term.

Admission Requirements

First consideration for selection will be given to candidates whose resident address is in Anne Arundel County for at least three months prior to the date the application is submitted (address verification required). Out-of-county applicants will be reviewed only when space is available.

  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling admission basis. 
  • Only complete applications will be processed.
  • Admission is separate from admission to the college in general.
  • Submit applications to Florestano 100.

First, attend an information session or view the online information session. These informal sessions cover admission and academic requirements, the application and selection process, curriculum and career opportunities. Call 410-777-7310 for information session dates and times or for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL applicants must complete an Address Verification for Health Sciences form and submit it to the college Records Office as part of the application process. Each applicant will be required to submit two proofs of residency as described on the Address Verification for Health Sciences form. Submit this form and supporting documents to:

Anne Arundel Community College
Records Office - SSVC 140
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21012


Required Course Sequence PDF

To be considered for conditional acceptance, the applicant must meet the following criteria in addition to that stated above. Only complete applications will be reviewed.

  • Address verification.
  • Must satisfactorily complete all academic and admission requirements.
  • Must have a minimum adjusted grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 at this college.
  • Must demonstrate eligibility for ENG 111, 115 or 121.
  • Must demonstrate eligibility for MAT 133 or higher.
  • Chemistry: 1 credit, 1 year of U.S. high school general chemistry OR a college chemistry course to include CHE 011 or CHE 103/111 with a grade of "C" or better.  Must be complete by the date the application is submitted.
  • All applicants must take the Arithmetic Placement Test and pass with a score of 27 or higher. This test must be taken and passed by the date the application is submitted. Students will have two chances to achieve the minimum accepted score. MAT 005 may take the place of the test but it must be completed with a grade of "C" or better by the date the application is submitted. 
  • All students must take the Test of Essential Academic Skills V (TEAS V). This test must be taken at an onsite approved testing center within 2 years of the date of application submission. 
  • Official transcripts, if applicable.
  • Final acceptance in the program shall be contingent upon satisfactory completion of a criminal background check, satisfactory completion of a health examination record, and submission of a copy of the required CPR card.
  • A grade of C or better in each Registered Nursing and general education course (with exception of BIO 231/233 must be a grade of B or better) is required to progress in the program.
  • Science courses (except chemistry) must be taken within 7 years of the date the application is submitted.
  • NOTE: A urine drug screening may be required.

Additional Admission Requirements

For the LPN to RN Program Application:

LPN Training

Official transcript from LPN Training must be submitted to verify successful completion of LPN Training from a state-approved licensed practical nursing program.

Clinical Experience

The following material must be submitted to continue the application process:

  • Official transcript from a state-approved licensed practical nursing program.
  • Copy of current active Maryland LPN license.
  • Verification of current employment as an LPN for a minimum full-time equivalent (2080 hours) of one year within the last three calendar years.
  • Submission of Clinical Experience Form.
  • Submission of Work Performance Evaluation.