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Objectives for Mentees

  • To be provided with guidance that will ease the transition during the first semester of nursing school
  • To gain a greater awareness of opportunities and activities that can broaden your educational experiences
  • To further develop decision-making skills
  • To develop a sense of one's strengths and weaknesses as a leader
  • To enhance interpersonal skills
Benefits for Mentees
  • Gain access to individualized support, recognition, and encouragement  from mentor
  • Obtain guidance on time management and  priority setting
  • Become more resourceful and develop a network of support systems   
  • Become keen to continue a path of self-improvement                      
  • Gain confidence to challenge oneself in achieving new goals, exploring alternatives, and making decisions
Expectations for Mentees

1. Take responsibility for your own learning.
2. Meet/talk with your mentor on a regular and consistent basis. Define the time, place, and method of contact with mentor.
3. Keep your mentor appointments.
4. Develop an academic and personal action plan.
5. Provide and ask for feedback about the mentoring relationship and be open to receiving feedback. Be honest, yet tactful.
6. Maintain confidentiality with mentor.
7. Take time to thank your mentor for his/her time and expertise.
8. Evaluate the success of the mentoring relationship.

Click for a peer mentee handbookPDF from the University of Washington.