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Academic Credentials Offered at AACC

AACC offers associate degrees, certificates, letters of recognition and professional certificates in dozens of fields of study. An explanation of our academic credentials follows. See the catalog for a full listing of the credit areas of study and requirements for each academic credential.

Associate degrees

Associate degree programs consist of general education courses, courses in your major area of study and electives. AACC offers four associate degrees.

  • A.A.  The Associate of Arts degree includes a concentration in the liberal arts and in the fine arts.
  • A.S.  The Associate of Sciences degree includes a concentration in science or technology.
  • A.A.S.  The Associate of Applied Sciences degree is designed primarily for immediate employment and is identified with a specialty designation, such as computer technology or engineering technology.
  • A.A.T.  The Associate of Arts in Teaching degree is designed for transfer to a four-year institution to obtain a baccalaureate degree and teacher certification.


The college offers certificate programs that provide you with a credential for knowledge, skills and abilities focused in specific discipline areas.  Most certificate programs are designed to assist you with upgrading skills for employment.  Many certificates are related courses within associate degree programs. For instance, the college offers a certificate program in publication design on the Internet that is a subset of the courses required for the A.A.S. in Web Technologies

Letters of Recognition

Credit letters of recognition are awarded to students who complete fewer than 12 credits in a sequence of courses focused on acquisition of a specific skill. Letters of recognition often are part of a certificate program and, in turn, of an associate degree program.

Several letters of recognition are also offered through the School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development.  These letters of recognition primarily address career and professional development needs and do not carry credit.

Professional Certificate

One professional certification in the Physician’s Assistant program is available and has the entry requirement of a completed bachelor’s degree program.