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AACC Offers Education that is Convenient

AACC provides a top-notch education that is also convenient! Just take a look at the many ways you can take classes at AACC and start learning today – even in the comfort of your home!

Credit and Noncredit: You can take classes to earn credits towards a degree, certificate or letter of recognition. Our noncredit offerings provide personal enrichment and job training opportunities. At AACC, there is always something new to learn. Check out all that AACC has to offer!

On Site: AACC offers learning the traditional way – in a classroom near you. You can take classes on our beautiful campus in Arnold that's just minutes away from downtown Annapolis. You can also take classes in our newest facility, AACC at Arundel Mills, right next to Arundel Mills Mall. Or, how about taking classes at AACC at Glen Burnie Town Center, which is also a short walk to many shops and eateries and our Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute. All three locations offer free parking. Find out more!

Online: Online courses offer the flexibility of taking classes that suit your schedule and from virtually anywhere that has Internet access. Distance Learning is a great way to interact with teachers and students from across the country, which can enhance the learning experience. Is online learning is for you?

Hybrid: How about the best of both worlds? Hybrid courses combine face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning. You get a great education with stimulating in-class and virtual discussions and don’t have to be in class as much. Again, another great way to learn that can fit into your schedule.

Accelerated: Need to earn credit fast? Take accelerated classes that range from two to eight weeks in length. The classes cover the same depth of material as a regular term but in less time. AACC offers a variety of accelerated programs, including Business Support Specialist, Computer Support Specialist, Hotel Front Desk Management, and Phlebotomy Tech.

Thematic Learning Clusters: New for Fall 2006! Thematic Learning Clusters are sets or clusters of courses that focus on a common theme. You will be in a cluster together with the same students so meeting up for group assignments or even carpooling might be easier. Find out what clusters are being offered this fall!

Travel Study at AACC: It’s time to see things first-hand! Travel study opportunities can enhance learning by experiencing places you've read about in books and heard about in class. Taste foods from different cultures, practice your language skills, and meet new people. Where do you want to go?