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New Student Orientation

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Parent Orientation
In addition to new student orientation, the college also offers Parent and Family Orientation.  Learn how you can help your new college student be successful, understand student privacy rights, faculty expectations and financial aid. Register for upcoming Parent and Family Orientation sessions
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Three students welcoming new students at orientation

Welcome to Anne Arundel Community College!

At new student orientation, you will receive information that will help you transition to AACC and assist you in preparation of academic, social and personal success. You will learn about faculty expectations, academic workshops, tutoring services, student life on campus, clubs, leadership, public safety and more!

Attendance is required for all new, first-time students. Please plan to be present for the entire three hour orientation session.

Click on the link in the upper, right hand corner to register.

September 1st at 1 PM - Any new student may attend this session. Held in the Kauffman Theatre in the Pascal Center for Performing Arts.

You will receive a confirmation email a few days prior to the session with date, time and location.

Things to do before classes begin

Print an updated copy of your class schedule

You can also access your class schedule on your mobile device by downloading the AACC app. Your schedule may have changed since you first enrolled. A location may have been changed, or a class may have been cancelled. If the term officially begins on Monday, August 29, but you are only taking Tuesday-Thursday classes, then you don’t have to come to campus until Tuesday, August 30.

Learn your way around campus

 It may be helpful to come to campus the week before classes begin to learn your way around the campus and determine where your classes will be held. You can pick up a campus map in the Student Services building at the Information desk, or on the second floor of the Student Union, or here http://www.aacc.edu/locationsandmaps/maps/. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you typically have 10 minutes to get to your next class. On Tuesday and Thursday it is typically 15 minutes. If you have a class in the Careers building, and then have to get somewhere on west campus, such as CADE or CALT, you will need all of that time to get to class, settle in your seat, and get ready to learn.

Set up your MYAACC user name and email

The MYAACC student portal allows you to register for classes, pay your bill, get your grades, plan your schedule, check your email, access online courses, find out what’s happening on campus, join student organizations, and more. All students are issued an AACC email account, which is usually your first initial, middle initial and your last name. You will receive your username, or login in an email after you are admitted to the college. You will need to create a password using the Password Management tool. For details go to http://www.aacc.edu/technology/

Purchase Textbooks

To find out what textbooks you need for your classes, come to the AACC Bookstore, located on the first floor of the Student Union, or go to http://www.aaccbooks.com/. There are also Bookstore locations at AMIL (Arundel Mills) and GBTC( Glen Burnie Town Center). The Bookstore offers a 15% discount on textbooks for a period usually about a month before the term begins. You can also purchase textbooks online from the Bookstore and pick them up on campus. Make sure you save your receipt and don’t write in your book until you get to the first class to make sure you purchased the correct book. Full refunds will only be given with a receipt.

Get your student ID

All students taking credit classes are required to have a student ID card. Your ID card also serves as your library card, and is required for identification purposes at the Testing Center, Financial Aid office, and other offices on campus. You can also receive discounts on tickets to events on campus and at local businesses. To obtain your ID card, go to the AACC Bookstore. You will need a current driver’s license or other valid government-issued photo ID, and a copy of your schedule of classes.

Memorize your student ID number

We know that you are not just a number – you are a student and we value you. But it is important that you know your student ID number, as you will need it throughout your time as a student. Your student ID number will be printed on the back of your student ID card.

Contact us at orientation@aacc.edu  or 410-777-2888.