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Explore alternative options and approaches to eating healthier, mental focus, improved physicality and relaxing. The personal health and wellness courses are designed to provide one's knowledge about complimentary wellness and how to incorporate healthier practices into one's daily life. Students can select topics such as self hypnosis and meditation for relaxation, how to improve wellness or heal from injury using herbs and spices, manage illness more holistically, the basics of aromatherapy, and exploring a more natural approach to boosting your health.

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 Personal Health Classes

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HLH 503 - Medical Marijuana: Uses and Benefits NEW
Explore the safe use of medical marijuana. Evaluate its benefits, effects and outcomes in certain diseases. Examine clinical research findings, focusing on traditional and contemporary medicinal uses. Discuss side effects and future trends.

HLH 372 - Introduction to Natural Health and Healing ONLINE
Learn how to improve wellness, balance and health in your daily life. Gain a basic understanding of an integrative approach to achieving natural health

HLH 382 - Medicinal Herbs from the Garden
Discuss the history, chemical properties and applications of medicinal plants. Learn to grow, harvest and process organically grown herbs and other ingredients into teas, tinctures, salves, syrups, and oils. Take home product samples.

HLH 398 - Herbs with Medicinal Properties for Cooking
Learn the history and medicinal properties of garlic, turmeric, cumin, chamomile, echinacea, cinamon, passion fruit and rosemary. discover each plant's beneficial elements. Collect recipes. Sample herbs and a dish made in class.

HLH 320 - Massage for Couples
Learn relaxation therapy and stress reduction with a partner. Help connect with one another as you learn the importance of flexibility and proper brea5hing techniques. Experience closeness as well as a means for soothing aching muscles.
NOTE: Partner/spouse pay tuition separately. Please register at same time. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

HLH 500 - Meditation for Relaxation
Develop the skills to release anxiety and stress with meditation and gentle movements. Practice kinetic stretches and breathing exercises and listen to guided auditory relaxation. Apply this integrated approach to everyday life.

LFS 316 - Downsizing: Moving Made Easy
Prepare yourself or a loved one for moving into a new stage of life. Learn tips for staging a home for sale, downsizing and sorting to make the move easier. Create a practical moving plan.

COA 306 - Caring for Aging Parents ONLINE
Learn compassionate ways to help older parents face the issues of aging. Acquire practical tools and techniques for coping with oncoming physical and mental limitations.

LFS 334 - Caring For the Caregiver
Identify signs of caregiver stress. Explore stress-reducing techniques and resources. Examine emotions common to caregivers and techniques for balancing personal needs, work and caregiving. Develop an emergency-preparedness plan.

LFS 331 - Healthy Aging ONLINE
Discuss healthy aging including the impact of nutrition and physical activity, changes in the brain and the role of sexuality. CEUs awarded.

HNS 311 - Family Counseling in Military and Veteran Populations ONLINE
Examine the diverse military family structure. Explore challenges facing military families, such as relocation, deployment and separation, injury, grief and loss, addiction and intimate partner violence. Apply family counseling techniques and processes to facilitate change within the familial relationships.

HLH 372 - Introduction to Natural Health and Healing ONLINE
Learn how to improve wellness, balance and health in your daily life. Gain a basic understanding of an integrative approach to achieving natural health.

COA 343 - End-of-Life Care ONLINE
Gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively help individuals who are experiencing a terminal illness. Examine the latest developments, treatments and technology.


HLH 371 - Lose Weight and Keep It Off ONLINE
Establish a healthy approach to weight loss and successful lifetime maintenance. Set and achieve goals that make sense.

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