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Department of Political Science

The Political Science Department at Anne Arundel Community College offers a wide variety of courses introducing students to the study of politics in general and to the subfields within the discipline of political science. Students may choose to start with a basic course such as "Introduction to American Government" and then move on to more advanced courses such as "Comparative Politics" (PLS 131), "International Relations" (PLS 200) or "Political Behavior and Analysis" (PLS 151).

Learning Opportunities

Political Science at AACC is enhanced by two special learning opportunities. 

  • First, the department participates in the Maryland General Assembly Internship Program which makes it possible for students to work for legislators and lobbyists during the 90 day legislative session and receive academic credit and pay. 
  • Second, the Center for the Study of Local Issues provides an opportunity for students to get concrete experience conducting a County-wide survey, usually for extra credit in social sciences courses. Both of these exceptional opportunities illustrate the commitment to excellence and student success by the Political Science Department at Anne Arundel Community College.


Political science courses are staffed by a variety of highly qualified instructors. Dan Nataf, Ph.D., is a full-time political science instructor as well as the director of the Center for the Study of Local Issues. He teaches "Introduction to American Government," "Comparative Politics," "International Relations," and "Political Behavior and Analysis."

History professors Frank Alduino, Ph.D. and Dave Tengwall, Ph.D., teach "Introduction to American Government," and "Political Theory" respectively.

Part-time adjunct instructors round out the list of faculty teaching political science courses.