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Michael Johnson, Human Services Major

The human services program is so powerful.  It’s giving me the skills I need to help people.”

Michael has faced some difficult choices. He admits that he’s been around a lot of “troubling situations.”  He grew up in Washington D.C. and saw a lot of his buddies get incarcerated. He decided that wouldn’t be his path in life and opened up his own hair salon.  It provided him with a comfortable living and the opportunity to listen to people and hear about the challenges they faced everyday. 

He likes working with people and he has a natural way of connecting with them, but he decided that he needed an education, if he was ever going to really help them deal with issues that affected them so deeply.  Just being a good listener wasn’t changing people’s lives.

In his own words, “I had the material things, but you have to be happy with what you’re doing.”

Michael started the human services program at AACC.  He says it made him more responsible and the three internships in which he has particpated, have transformed him. He will graduate in the fall of 2005 with two degrees.  He wants to be an addictions counselor and eventually open up his own agency.  He really likes the college and wishes he didn’t have to transfer to another institution to earn his baccalaureate.

The advice he would give others is to pursue their dream and not be afraid of change: “You’re never too old…. an education is something that they can never take away from you and you owe it to yourself.”