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I am AACC: Benny Davis, Student (continued)

Student Snapshot

In addition to her Graphic Design Club membership, Benny is also a computer lab assistant in the science building and also contributes content to AACC’s Astronomy Club’s Web pages under the guise of Professor Tom Wilbur.

She plans to finish up her two-year degree in December and pursue her four-year degree in communication arts technology media production.

Her mantra is to work hard knowing that it will pay off in the end. She attributes her determination to finish college to her father, who invested everything for her education. “I always joke that here, parents save money for when their daughters get married. My dad didn’t do that. He spent all of his money for me to go to college. That’s the only motivation I have. He spent all of that money one me and I don’t want to let him down. I want to make him proud.”

Benny encourages those who have come to the states from another country to get involved and, most importantly—to work hard.

“It’s not going to come easy; you have to work every bit of it,” she says. “I would say joining a student organization is helpful because you develop your communication skills.” 

AACC has become a central part of Benny’s life where she has invested in a budding career, formed friendships, and taken advantage of many campus resources. She lists her personal perks of AACC: “It’s close to my house; I like how everything is laid out; I like that I can go to the gym for free and that I can practice dance here… everything is given to you.” kr

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What do you like most about AACC?
“The first time I came I took Photoshop CS and now we’re taking photoshop CS3. We’re not behind and I like that about AACC. It’s good because you are advancing and you’re not at a disadvantage with other universities and colleges.”

The story of how they met…
Benny and her husband Randy met at a local Panama pool hall where Benny was undergoing her first week as a hostess and he was coincidentally vacationing in the area. “It was random because I would have never worked there because I had no experience,” she says. “But God said ‘I’m going to make it so she gets the job so he can meet her.’”  The two married and moved to Maryland in 2004.

What do you think you’d be doing if you were back in Panama now?
“I probably would be graduated by now and working as an advertising creative which is what I was going for, but now I’m going to be a web designer!”

What projects are you working on right now?
“I am currently designing a Web site for the Graphic Design Club. We work together and have portfolios for everyone. In the club there are more than 20 members.”

What are your favorite classes?
“Electronic Design for the Web--it’s a hybrid class, and Quark. I like the teacher too, Sally Barba, I like her a lot. I have two online classes but I’ve never met the professors. I feel like I know them but I don’t.”

What do you for fun?
“I like going to the gym and getting together with my friends and practicing dance in the CALT building. I used to dance in Panama. I do hip hop and modern.”

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