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Brittany Sands, Medical Assisting Student

“Everyone is here to help you reach your full potential.”

For some, it is hard to decide what to study in college. For others, it is easy — somehow they just know. Brittany Sands decided to study medical assisting and she is glad she did.

“It was something I put my finger on and went for,” explained Brittany. “The instructors and classes are great. I am learning so much but doing it in a way that keeps me coming back for more. I look forward to going to class. It has been a wonderful experience.”

Brittany Sands took a jump start by taking a class at AACC during her senior year of high school. She then started full-time at the college in fall 2004.

This hard-working and busy student took 19 credits during spring 2006. She was able to balance her schedule of classes because she could take some of them online. She also works part-time as a medical assistant for a rheumatologist in Glen Burnie and has been the AACC student representative for the American Association of Medical Assistants since January.

“There is a comforting atmosphere at AACC,” said Brittany. “It feels like everyone is here to help you reach your full potential. The biggest challenge is time management, but the schedules are very convenient. Online is great because I wouldn’t have time to sit in two extra classes.”

She will earn her certificate in medical assisting this month. She plans to take some more classes to finish her associate’s degree and then transfer in spring 2007 to University of Baltimore to earn a bachelor’s degree in health systems management.

After she completes her bachelor’s degree, Brittany would like to get a master’s degree, preferably from John Hopkins University. She would love to start her own consulting firm to help offices set up their computer systems, show them how to take inventory, and assist them in becoming successful.

Interested in learning more about Brittany’s experience? Send her an e-mail!