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Calvin Jackson, Information Systems- Security Major

This place is phenomenal!”

Calvin enjoys a challenge. He considers mastering a new skill or moving to a strange new place as a challenge.  That’s how he became fluent in Italian, learned software engineering and became a proficient musician—all because they all seemed like interesting challenges.

Right after high school, he joined the Air Force.  It was partly in response to a challenge presented by his father, but also a stroke of good fortune.  After serving for six years, he’d learned a tremendous amount about life and landed a good job with Verizon in software testing.  Calvin was focused on learning more and interested in the security side of Web-based technologies.  He’d moved to Maryland because he loved seafood and thought he’d try out a new location that he knew very little about.  AACC had just opened up a new location at Arundel Mills and since it was convenient, he enrolled in computer classes there. He wasn’t quite prepared to be bowled-over by the place.

“It’s been a very positive rewarding experience.  This place is phenomenal from campus security on up.”

Calvin had enrolled in an ethics class and as part of the class requirements had an option to do a service-learning project.  He had met Loretta Lawson-Munsey, the coordinator of the substance abuse and HIV education project, and decided to use his personal experiences to speak to students and challenge them about dangerous behaviors.  He no longer has to do this as a class requirement, but he sees that he has had an impact on his classmates and has volunteered to conduct more open forums.

His enthusiasm for AACC has not gone unnoticed. He knows all the faculty and staff at Arundel Mills and most of the staff at the main campus.  He was recently nominated for the position of student member on the AACC Board of Trustees.  His advocacy for students and his involvment in the life of the college made him a very viable candidate.  He didn’t get the position, but after all—it was a challenge.