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Candice Allgood, General Studies Major

“My experience here has been wonderful and there are fantastic teachers here.”

Candice Allgood came to AACC in the fall of 2003 after graduating from Old Mill High School. She had received a tennis scholarship to attend Waynesburg College, but because of financial reasons she had to decline the opportunity. What she didn’t know at the time was that there were plenty of other great opportunities waiting for her at AACC.

With her mother’s persuasion, Candice reluctantly came to AACC. But once she got there, she knew she was at home.

“My mom made me come to AACC and I thought it was going to be a horrible experience,” said Candice. “I thought it would be boring and I wouldn’t be able to do anything. But I got here and people opened up their arms to me. The people here are wonderful.”

Since Candice has been at AACC, she has been involved in the psychology club, Student Association, Campus Activities Board, BACCHUS (Boosting Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students), and STAAT (Students Taking Action Against Tobacco).

“I always tell people to get involved,” added Candice. “There are tons of events on campus. If you’re not involved, you don’t know what’s going on. Once you get involved, people know you more. It’s about the people you meet and the opportunities you get.”

In addition to her long list of extracurricular activities, Candice spends a lot of her time learning about the restaurant business by working at Bonefish Grill. At this seafood restaurant Candice keeps busy as a server, part-time office manager and corporate trainer. After she learns all the different jobs at the restaurant, she can apply for a scholarship through her work to attend a four-year college. But for now, this aspiring future restaurateur feels that AACC is preparing her for what lies ahead.

“[AACC] prepares you so easily,” said Candice. “There are so many classes; you can really broaden your horizon. We have one of the best culinary schools and one of the best business administration departments. There is such a huge variety of classes and they can help you decide, so when you get to a four-year college you are not deciding then.”

Candice discovered that her mother was right—AACC was a good choice. Plus, she made new friends and even a second family at the college. When asked what she has enjoyed most at AACC, Candice replied, “The family I have made for myself. In Student Life, you have Sharyn Watts, Chris Storck, and April Hamilton. They became family to me. If I need help, they are there. We have a blast; we are just one big family over there.”