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Clint Brooks, Peer Learning Partnership Participant

“Sure, I'd heard about AACC, but I was surprised by the campus and the academic environment.”

Clint Brooks is an astronomer.  It’s a passion that’s shaped his outlook on life. When he was in college, he studied mathematics and physics but it was the astronomy class that really captured his imagination.  While he was in graduate school studying astronomy, the Navy beckoned this ROTC candidate to serve his country in an unusual manner.  They needed his help to fulfill President John F. Kennedy’s promise to beat the Russians in the race to the moon.  Clint spent his early career with NSA helping to design early satellites so the USA could monitor the progress the Russians were making. 

Clint has worked for NSA for many years and is in the process of retiring now. It’s a transition, really, moving from work in one form, to work in another. A participant in AACC’s Peer Learning Partnership asked Clint if he would be interested in sharing his knowledge of astronomy with the group. He agreed and soon found himself using his management skills to help the PLP get organized. The PLP is a college-sponsored community of learners organized to develop opportunities for intellectual development, cultural stimulation and social interaction in an academic setting. The members manage the program and volunteer their time, skills, and talents to gain and share knowledge of subjects that are of interest to the group and they needed his help.

“If you’re looking for an opportunity to expand your learning interests in a nonthreatening environment, it’s a great opportunity.”

Although he was aware of Anne Arundel Community College, he didn’t have much first-hand experience with the college and was really surprised to learn how good the school was. He enjoys the discussion groups and the opportunity to get beyond superficial sound bits on topics.  Listening to the well thought out viewpoints of other knowledgeable on a topic is stimulating and challenging to him.

He’s personally interested in learning more about the environment through his particpation in the PLP.

“When you consider how large the universe is and consider that we might be the most intelligent form of life, you must consider how we fit into the universe and that we have a huge responsibility to make sure life continues to exit."