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Danielle Edwards, 2006 Graduate

"AACC makes you feel like you are home."

Danielle Edwards wanted to attend Morgan State University after high school, but her mother steered her towards AACC. Her mother explained that Danielle could save time and money by starting at AACC and it would be an easier transition from high school to college. Today Danielle says her mother was right.

“At AACC, the transition was very easy for me,” said Danielle. “I started off in the summer bridge program in the summer of 2003 and that was a big help. I was still in the high school mode, but I saw a drastic change in myself over the summer. I am still part of the Student Achievement and Success (SASP) program and I can always go there for help such as tutoring, Just Talk sessions, homework assistance, and mentoring.”

Danielle graduated from AACC in May of 2006 with an associate degree in general studies. After completing a class this fall, Danielle plans to transfer to the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, University of Maryland, Baltimore. In two years she will be able to earn her bachelor’s in dental hygiene.

In the meantime, Danielle is happy to still be part of the AACC community. She currently works at AACC in academic advising. Danielle schedules advising appointments and helps students build their class schedules after they meet with an adviser.

“AACC makes you feel like you are home,” said Danielle. “I work here and I go to school here – I can do everything in one place. I would recommend this college to others. There are smaller class sizes, many free resources, and there is more interaction with your teachers. A lot of the teachers offer before- and after-class help."

Danielle is looking forward to the future she has built for herself. She came to AACC and reached her goals here and now she is continuing her journey.

“I am still deciding whether I want to go to work after I get my bachelor’s or go for my master’s in dental hygiene,” said Danielle. “After school, I want to work in a clinical setting as a dental hygienist and also educate children about good oral health care.”