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Dria Mutwakil, ESL Student

“The faculty work hard to make sure you understand the material, that’s why AACC is the best!”

Dria Mutwakil has been in the United States for over three years now.  He is orginally from Sudan but entered the US from Egypt.  While there, he applied for political asylum because he could not return to his country for fear of retribution for disagreeing with the Sudanese government. He is very patient when he tries to explain the difficulties his country is undergoing with racial discord between the Arab people in the north and the Christian population in the south.  He is from the Nubian Mountain region in the center of Sudan and he has strong political affiliations with the south.  His family is still in Sudan and he communicates with them online or by phone at least once a week.

He came to Baltimore because he had a friend enrolled at AACC.  While English was spoken in his region, he had to enroll in English as a Second Language classes at AACC. He admits that American English is very different and the culture is even harder to understand.  On ocassion he will go with his friends to bars, but he really isn’t comfortable in that atmoshpere.  In Sudan, he would frequent Young People’s Clubs where you could play dominos or cards and socialize without drinking.  Connections are hard to make but he has discovered a group of Sudanese men with whom he can play soccer twice a week. That feels like the touch of home that he misses.

In addition to his ESL classes, he is also taking some computer classes and hopes to earn a degree in Science Laboratory Technology.  He works full-time with a medical equipment company but finds it difficult to make ends meet.  He knows that he has a long road ahead of him but with support from the college he is hopeful.

“The ESL program has been very helpful. My computer instructor was very good to me, too.  The faculty work hard to make sure you understand the material, that’s why AACC is the best!”