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Meet Eddie Young, Basketball Player

“Coach Downs is a great guy. I learned from him to utilize all your potential and don’t short yourself.”

Eddie graduated from AACC this past spring and is now looking forward to earning his bachelor’s degree in business management at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida.

At the university, this outgoing and confident young man wants to continue what he started at AACC and plans on sporting his talents on the court and in front of the camera.

Eddie originally started his college career at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina, but decided to transfer to AACC in the spring of 2004. He thought AACC had a great campus and that it was a beautiful spot to take classes and play basketball. Eddie had the opportunity to play basketball under the leadership of Head Coach Henry Downs Jr.

“Coach Downs is a great guy," said Eddie. "I learned from him to utilize all your potential and don’t short yourself.”

And Eddie did just that. In May of this year, Eddie received the Dr. David S. Jenkins Award for outstanding male student-athlete for his athletic accomplishments during the academic year. This rising star was the second AACC basketball player ever to be chosen for All America, second team. He made the first team all-region and all-conference teams and led the Maryland Junior College Conference league in scoring.

This talented athlete was inspired to play basketball because of his parents, who encouraged him to get involved and play a sport every season. While basketball has always been a highlight of Eddie’s life, he now feels he needs to focus on other things as well.

“I can move a mountain with my mind if I really focus," said Eddie. "I see myself focusing on something else [besides basketball] and taking another approach. I see myself getting a college degree. I love basketball to death. It is what I have done my whole life. After I graduate from Barry, it is going to be a hard adjustment period not playing and not being on the team.”

But Eddie isn’t throwing in the towel just yet. If a scout from the NBA made him an offer, he would definitely consider going for it because that has been his dream his whole life.

Off the court, Eddie wants to pursue an acting career. With some AACC acting classes already under his belt, Eddie plans to minor in theatre at Barry U.

“I like being on camera," said Eddie. "I would like to play a basketball player in a movie. I would also like to play a mythological character like Gladiator or Troy. I think that God has directed into going into acting because it fits me being me - being sociable and the center of attention. Everything you need for it I already have. As far as skills and training, that is where working hard comes in.”

In the meantime, Eddie is spending his summer doing a work-study and taking a statistics class at AACC, playing basketball, and relaxing. Then, in the end of August, Eddie will be headed to Florida, with hopes of being in the right place at the right time and catching his big break in front of the camera.

Eddie leaves AACC knowing he made the right choice.

"Why wouldn’t someone come here?" commented Eddie. "The student center is beautiful and our business program is great. I like the teachers a lot. They are great people-persons and they genuinely want to help you. This past year I used AACC as a steppingstone. I got to try out prioritizing and focusing on what was really important. As a young adult these days, it is easy to get wrapped up in peer pressure. I made God number one, school second, and basketball third, and I got a 3.0 both semesters and a full scholarship [to attend Barry University].”