I am AACC: Frances Parker, HCAT Receptionist Concierge

Photo of Frances Parker with an HCAT culinary instructor.

Frances teams up with one of HCAT's culinary instructors for a photo.

"In my spare time I’ve catered banquets and dinners for up to 250 people. I’ve done parties for 50 people and every year I do an open house for my family and it’s about 50 people and we have a sit down dinner."

So what's on the menu?
For Christmas I started doing something I could do on a large scale. I started with salad, spaghetti, and a big pot of soup. Then I added baked chicken, potatoes and a green veggie and they [family] said, 'You can’t stop the spaghetti we always want that,' so I do that in addition. They also request baked chicken and there are two kinds of salad.

It’s three different meals: there’s Italian, the other salad and baked chicken and starch, and then my daughter will ask for pig’s feet. So I do pig’s feet potato salad. So you can either go from light to heavy."

Is there room for dessert?
"I’ve done white potato pies, sweet potato pies, cakes, apple pies, and cookies. I don’t do as much baking, but I have a grandson who also attended HCAT and he loves to cook. I started him cooking when he was four so he does the desserts most of the time."

photo by Kimi Raspa