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Gideon Fernandez, Business Administration Transfer

"I like the low student-teacher ratio."

Gideon wants his own car dealership one day. He likes to deal with numbers. He didn’t want to be a mechanic or a math major, but he figured he couldn’t go wrong by studying business.

“My parents encouraged me to study business,” said Gideon. “My mother has her bachelor’s degree in business administration. Plus, I figured everything runs on a business platform.”

A car dealership is a perfect example.

Gideon considers himself a car enthusiast. He has always liked cars, especially imports. He is content with his Nissan Sentra for now, but when he has his own profitable business, his reward will be a new set of wheels. His “success car,” as he calls it, is a BMW M3.

Gideon keeps himself busy with school, work, and spending time with family and friends. Gideon is the president of the International Student Association at AACC and has worked for Marriott for 2 years in guest services. He recently completed an internship with a nonprofit fundraising firm, where he assisted the IT, sales, marketing and statistics departments.

AACC not only allows Gideon to earn the credits he needs to transfer to get his bachelor’s degree, it also teaches him leadership skills. As the president of a club on campus, he gets the opportunity to grow and learn outside of the classroom.

“There are a lot of clubs and organizations on campus that students are not aware of,” said Gideon. “Being involved is a great way to do something other than work and school. It also gives you a feeling of belonging. There are great advisors here who will assist you with starting your own club, or even just becoming a member of an existing club.”

Gideon also likes the class sizes at AACC and the interaction between faculty and students.

"I like the low student-teacher ratio," said Gideon. "You get to know your professors personally. I can even call one of my professors on his cell phone and he is now the advisor of one the clubs I am in. One of my professors also turned into my mentor."

Gideon plans to graduate from AACC in May 2007 and transfer to either University of Maryland, College Park, or University of Virginia. He wants to continue to study business administration and focus on finance, information systems or accounting. Later on, he would like to earn his MBA.

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