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Meet Jennifer Miller, Business Student

“AACC is such a great school.  I could go almost anywhere, but I wanted to get my start here before I transferred.”

Jennifer is a bundle of energy. She has the confidence and self-assuredness of someone much older.  It’s apparent when you meet her that she probably could go to any college or university that she wanted to attend.  She chose AACC because of its great reputation and her desire to get a firm footing on her academics before she transferred.

Originally she thought about becoming a landscape architect.  It’s a field that she knows a lot about since her family owns Bowen’s Farm Supply in Riva and she’s been around the business all her life.  She started by taking an introductory class and realized that she couldn’t see herself landscaping as a career. She enjoyed taking art classes and eventually earned an associate of arts with a fine arts concentration.  Just as she was considering a four-year transfer institution, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and she decided not to move away from home but instead,  take some business courses at AACC.

“One of my goals is to get a job that pays well and marketing courses will make me a more valuable employee. That’s why I decided to keep taking classes at AACC.”

Jennifer has already been offered several jobs and she’s interested, but she feels compelled to finish her education first. She says that she can sell almost anything and has no fear of meeting people and striking up a conversation. Jennifer relays that at Bowen’s Farm Supply, she sells chainsaws. She’s won a cruise for being the top salesperson for Stihl Company, a chainsaw manufacturer, and is currently in the running to win another cruise this year. She is often asked by Stihl to demonstrate their products to customers, particularly women. They have offered her a job and she might take them up on their offer, but first she has to finish her bachelor’s degree.

“When I’ve spoken to other institutions about transferring, they are reluctant to acknowledge the 70+ credits I’ve already accumulated until they find out that it’s Anne Arundel Community College.  They’ve even heard what a great school it is, in Southern California!”

Jennifer is blessed with lots of opportunities.  It’s refreshing to know that she considers AACC one of those great opportunities.