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Laura Stokes, Physician Assistant Student

“I’m a paramedic firefighter. I’m pursuing a second career in medicine to work more closely with patients.”

Laura started her journey in helping people in crisis because of a family tragedy.  She observed the work of the paramedics when they came to her house in response to a sudden death in the family.  She was compelled by this misfortune to volunteer in the firehouse.  Volunteering led to developing a passion to pursue emergency medicine as a career and she was hired by the Anne Arundel County Fire Department.  Laura loves a challenge!

Her energy level is remarkable.  She is raising three children with the help of her husband, who is a firefighter and chief in the county.  She can retire in six years so she decided to go back to school to pursue a second career in the medical field.  Although she has a baccalaureate degree in Emergency Health Services from UMBC and a paramedic certificate from AACC, the lure of a more advanced program in family practice appealed to her.  The program at AACC prepares the primary care physician assistant to provide quality medical care under the supervision of a licensed physician.  Laura will be able to meet one of her goals which is to follow-up with patients and see them on a nonemergency basis.

“ I love the PA program.  It’s exceptional.  It offers several different options to fit your learning style.”

Indeed, Laura provides an excellent testimonial about AACC.  She feels so strongly about the college and in spite of being very busy, she decided to apply to be the student representative to the Board of Trustees.  “This is my community college; it’s a big part of the community.  My kids participate in college programs and I would like to become involved in all aspects of AACC.”

Laura indicates that juggling everything that she’s currently undertaking is a matter of prioritizing what’s important.  She serves as her PA class president, too.  “I think it’s really true that busy people get a lot done but don’t come inspect my house!”