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Lauren Grande, General Studies Student

“AACC is recognized as one of the best in the country and it was right in my own backyard.” 

Even without a college education, Lauren managed to get a really good job at Wilmington Trust Bank and although it’s been less than a month since she started, she really enjoys her job.  At 25, you can hardly call Lauren old, but her wisdom has been gained through experience. She decided to go to college this year and it’s something that both she and her new employer value. Her new employer is encouraging her to get her degree and she hopes to have some of her tuition covered by the bank.

“If you want to be taken seriously, you have to have a college degree.”

Lauren recognized that the chance that she had squandered after leaving high school—attending college on the parental support plan—was gone.  It took her a few years but she realized the value of a college education and was determined to do it on her own.  She chose Anne Arundel Community College because, “It was recognized as one of the best in the country and it was right in my own backyard.”  It was also an education that she could afford.

Lauren is still undecided about her major.  She thinks she would like to pursue a liberal arts baccalaureate degree because she really likes to write and she’s really good at it.  Her AACC academic advisor, Mike Chase, has been very supportive and encouraged her to keep her options open while she samples a broad array of classes. Since she works full time, she has been taking two classes each semester.  “When you finally take your education seriously, it’s hard to balance it all and get the grades.” She’s driven, like many returning adult students, to earn an “A” in every class and so far, she’s managed to do just that.

Lauren has enjoyed every teacher that she has had and appreciates how accomodating they have been. “They’ve been good instructors all around. I really like AACC and I’ve discovered that I’m actually a good student.” Lauren may have been slow getting started, but she’s in a great place to help her recognize her potential.  Lauren will be able to look back and give AACC some credit for her success, but she’s just begun her journey to realizing great things.