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Maile O’Shea, Communication Arts Major

“AACC is a great school.  You get to know the teachers and they take the time to get to know you!”

Maile is already concerned about the day she transfers from AACC.  She directly attributes her extraordinary success as a student, to the warm and supportive atmosphere she has found here.  She didn’t perform well in high school but in college she has maintained a 3.98 GPA and has won a Weinberg Scholarship. This is all the more remarkable because Maile has to work very hard to compensate for a learning disability.  The minute she suspects that a class is going to be challenging, she heads off any trouble by asking for additional help from the college tutoring program. Maile doesn’t have a lot of financial resources so she has a work-study position as a lab technician, helping to keep the art department’s computer labs in good working order.  Maile is a dedicated student and very determined to meet her goals.

Maile will graduate this semester with a degree in communication arts and plans to transfer to the University of Baltimore to earn her baccalaureate degree in corporate communications.  She already knows exactly what she wants to do—she’d like to design sales displays, like those you see when you go to a convention and roam through the vendors’ booths. She would also consider designing window displays on a corporate level—she’s intrigued by the way office supply stores market their products and this is the type of work she’d like to do, too. Her creative streak is evident and she offers other art students some sage advice, spoken from experience.

“Make sure you save all your projects so you have a portfolio by the time you graduate.  You will have something to show others what you can do.  This was a big mistake I made—not saving it all.”

Maile says that AACC was a really great experience for her.  She knows all the teachers in the communication arts department very well. She appreciates the fact that the chair of the department, Joyce Drewanz, cares so much about students that she has personally contributed a great deal of money to scholarships for art students. She appreciates the part-time faculty who impart their real world experience to their students.  She appreciates the testing center and she can go on and on and rattle off the names of people who have extended themselves to help her.  Mostly, she is really going to miss AACC.