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Meet Marco LaRocca, Criminal Justice Major

“Since I came to AACC, I’ve gotten the extra help to be successful.”

In Italian, Marco’s last name means “standing rock” or fortress.  Marco has the strength and perseverance of a fortress. He has a learning disability that requires him to take more time with his studies to fully comprehend the material before him.  He is very methodical and purposeful in his approach to tasks. He knows that it is better to take a few classes and do well in them than take a full load and get swamped.  He also takes full advantage of the support the college provides to students with learning disabilities.

“Slow and steady is my motto. Since I came to AACC, I’ve gotten the extra help to be successful.”  He regularly visits with Mimi Stoops, the coordinator of disability support services to keep her informed of the challenges confronting him.  “She’s been great,” he says.

Sometimes he needs a little extra time to complete a test and sometimes he needs someone to take notes in a class so that he can take the material home and study it slowly. He has a good memory and is very successful if provided with a few accomodations for his learning style.

Eventually, Marco wants to earn a degree in criminal justice and pursue a career in the military.  His father was in the army and Marco has traveled to a number of foreign countries that sparked his interest in languages and different cultures.  He particularly enjoyed going to Kenya.  He also enjoys physical strength training and keeps in shape in preparation for his future military plans.  Fitting, seeing his last name means fortress!