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I am AACC: Mark Bacolod, Student Assoc. President

He gives credit to the student association staff and representatives who daily implement the organization’s vision and who brainstorm ways to reach every student. “I’m really pleased with the flow of everything,” he says. “I set the tone but I let student association officers accomplish their goals because it’s their baby, and I want them to be able to do that.” He stresses the importance of leadership and how helping one person can make a huge difference.

“You think about the marketing and advertising and programs that go into leadership and student action and you think to yourself, 'What does it have to offer me?' It’s about sharing that leadership sharing that help,” he says. “The whole purpose behind leadership is to make leaders, and the reason I wanted to fill that role was because I wanted to make a real difference. I love what I do with the student government. I love knowing when I walk on campus--even if I’m checking e-mail--that it’s making a difference to the students. That’s what I thrive off of, and personally I think everyone in our culture would be a lot better if we thrived off of helping other people.”

Mark plans to take his leadership abilities to Calvin College in Michigan starting in the spring of 2008. “I want to go into full time ministry,” he says. “The most amazing things that have come into my life haven’t been because I planned them but because God put those things in my life. I want to major in business and international development. I’m not sure how I’m going to pay for it, but I’m going to take a leap of faith and just go where he calls me.” kr

More on Mark:

Listens to: Indie pop

Musically inclined? Likes to play guitar

Favorite holiday: Christmas

You can find him: doing activities that don’t require money, spending time with his girlfriend Natalie, going on missions trips, serving at church, playing Wii, doing outdoor activities

Interesting fact: Mark’s last name Bacolod is the name of a city in the Philippines

Want to contact Mark? Call 410-777-2309 or e-mail

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