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Masharne Nixon, President of the Video Game Club

“AACC is a wonderful school. The people here definitely care about the students.”

When Masharne Nixon came to AACC in the spring of 2005 he brought his passion for video games with him. This interactive technology major started a Video Game Club at AACC his first semester.

“I love video games,” said Masharne. “It is a passion. I enjoy every kind, but mostly role- playing games (RPG) and first-person shooters.”

The club, which currently has about 9 members, meets every Tuesday from 2 to 3 p.m. in the Florestano Building. (For more information about the club, e-mail Masharne.)

“We look for job opportunities for interactive technology majors, help each other improve upon our skills and build our portfolios, and we make games,” explained Masharne. “We don’t just play games, we actually make them!”

Masharne also works as a graphic designer for the Student Activities Office. Through the position, he is able to gain hands-on experience using Adobe programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. He also helps out in the community with J.C. in Severna Park. The organization helps needy families by providing them with food during Thanksgiving.

“I like helping out the community because I know how it feels sometimes when you don’t have the money to get certain things that you want,” said Masharne.

Masharne, who has been a part-time student, is looking forward to attending AACC in the fall full time and seeing the two games the club is working on come to completion.

“AACC is a wonderful school. The people here definitely care about the students. There are a lot of activities for students during and after classes. I also really like all the teachers and doing all the projects. The faculty and staff really want to help you graduate from here.”

Masharne hopes to graduate in 2008, transfer to University of Baltimore, earn a bachelor’s degree in simulation and digital entertainment, and become a designer for a major gaming company. In the meantime, he is actively seeking an internship with a gaming company in Maryland.

Interested in learning more about Masharne’s AACC experience? Send him an e-mail!