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Meet Maureen Bennett, Senior Adult Student

“As a senior, it is really important to keep studying, reading, and educating yourself.”

Maureen Bennett has been taking senior classes at AACC with her husband, Mark, for a year and a half. So far they have taken several computer classes, a digital photography course, a current issues course on the Middle East, and a short history tour of Annapolis.

“In addition to being fun, I think [taking classes] keeps your mind going,” said Maureen. “As a senior, it is really important to keep studying, keep reading, and educating yourself. Besides, it helps with interpersonal relationships, even with my grandchildren. You can keep yourself up with what is going on, keep learning things, and you can pass it on.”

Maureen and her husband have also been involved with the Guild for Life for about four semesters and this fall Maureen is going to be serving as treasurer. This cohesive group, for age 55 and older, takes trips to various places, including museums; the Evergreen House in Baltimore; and other cultural, historical, and industrial locations.

“The guild is extremely educational and it is a lot of fun," said Maureen. “There are some people in the group who have lived in this area for a long time—one man especially, a past president [of the Guild], knows all these interesting places to see. And some places you wouldn’t get in by yourself. We got a tour of the UTZ potato chip factory and the Harley-Davidson plant.”

Maureen said that she plans to keep taking classes at AACC and to learn more about things that she and her husband are interested in. 

“It is a way to stay young,” commented Maureen. “Plus, it’s convenient, there are courses we like, everybody has been very nice, it’s easy to register, and [the tuition] is very reasonable.”