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Cindy Michael and Gloria Eichelman, Pharmacy Technician

Photo of Gloria Eichelman

Cindy and Gloria completed the pharmacy technician program at AACC this past summer. The final component of the program was an internship in the field. While they both decided to study and work in the medical field, their stories and experiences are quite different.

Cindy’s Story

Cindy Michael first learned how to be a pharmacy technician in the air force, or as she calls it, in another lifetime. After the air force, she went to nursing school. Then, she was a stay-at-home mom for a while. In 2004, with her youngest grown, she decided to return to school. Cindy wanted to study to become a pharmacy technician again and AACC could help her do just that.

AACC had the pharmacy technician certificate program and it was the only local pharmacy technician program that was recognized by American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (ASHP) known to her.

“The program is all set up and laid out for you. All you have to do is follow it,” said Cindy. “Stephanie, [the coordinator and instructor for the program], is great to talk to and she’ll keep you on track. The classes were small and the teachers really knew their subject matter. It is a great program and it will definitely prepare you for the field.”

Right now, Cindy is enjoying some time with her new granddaughter. When she returns to work, Cindy wants to explore different areas. In the air force, she was in a hospital setting, but a military hospital and a civilian hospital are different. Cindy said that working with civilians will be new to her. She also has an interest in working in a community setting because she likes to interact with people. But no matter where she ends of working, as long as she is working in the medical field, she will be happy because that is where her passion lies.

Gloria’s Story

Gloria Eichelman came to AACC in 2004 and this past summer she completed the pharmacy technician certificate program. She is continuing to take classes at the college to earn her associate degree.

Gloria is very busy with work, school and a family. She has worked in customer service at Lowe’s  for six years and has two children – Alexander, who is 2, and Caitlyn, who is 5. Returning to school wasn’t easy but she is glad she did.

“I wasn’t serious about college at first, then I had two children, and I realized I had to do something,” said Gloria. “AACC was a starting point for me. It was better than trying to go to a university. AACC is local and convenient. There are classes all the time and the people here are willing to help you.”

Gloria plans to start working at a retail pharmacy in the spring and also continue to take classes part time. She hopes to be able to also earn her bachelor’s and study to become a research pharmacist.

For more information about the pharmacy technician program, call 410-777-7310.