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I am AACC: Rob Hendry

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I am AACC Spotlight: Rob Hendry

Age: 58

Department: Alumni Relations

Years at AACC: 30

[Fifteen Questions with Rob Hendry, Alumni Relations]

1. What was your first experience with AACC?
"I went to school here from 1968-1970 and studied multimedia technology; they call it Communication Arts Technology (CAT) now.”

2. How did you end up working at AACC?
“I came here in March of ’78. I always wanted to work here. There was an ad in the paper for a supervisor’s job that I applied for but wasn’t qualified for, and then a position for an audiovisual technician opened up and they already had my application on file. Mostly they hired me to take care of the photography, but I also had had classes in video, graphic arts, and just about everything else.

“We had two full-time people at the time. Ed Sparks, who is still here, did most of the video and Sally Barba, who recently retired, did most of the graphic art. When we all got busy we could do each other’s job so sometimes we all did graphics or we all did video. If we had a big production we would all do video, but mostly the photography was mine—I was the only one that really loved to do the photography.”

3. What were your responsibilities?
“We prepared presentations for the faculty to use in their classes, which was the biggest thing that we did. We didn’t have PowerPoint or computers then, so if they wanted to do a slideshow or videotape of their class, we would produce it for them. Gradually I started doing more and more public relations and got to the point where I was doing all public relations. Anytime we had any event like graduation, some kind of ceremony, visitors from a foreign country, or someone special retired, I photographed it.”

4. What is your position now?
“For the last three years I’ve been working with Alumni Relations.”

5. What are your responsibilities?
“Mainly communicating with alumni and retired faculty and staff. We’ve been doing reunions for the last two years and just finished the first half of the 80s a couple weeks ago. Our foundation does a lot of different activities so when they have something like the gala or reception (like Celebration of the Arts on June 22) we had a reception beforehand and I was able to photograph that for the foundation; so I get to do some photography but not as much as I did before.”

6. Are you involved in any organizations on campus?
“One of the things I do with my Alumni Relations job is I’m involved with the Student Ambassador Program where we encourage current students to enroll and they help us with different events. They give tours or they come and greet people at the open house and help them get registered and things of that nature. So I get to involve myself with students through that. The nice thing about the ambassadors is that their ages range from 18 to 55.”

7. What kind of response do you receive from alumni?
“The first reunion we had was for the 1960s graduates when the college started in 1961 at Severna Park High School. Some said, ‘Why are you calling me? Did I go to school there?’ I’m not sure exactly but I think they had 16 people from that graduating class.
“At the reunion we just did for the 80s, we did a photo exhibit that started with that photo of the first graduating class and it went all the way up to the current graduation. We emphasized everything in the 80s so some of the students who came to the reunion actually saw photographs of them when they were students here.” 

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