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I am AACC: Romy Jones, Student

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Unusual fact: "I love reptiles, it’s like paradise for me. I love snakes and alligators and so if I ever get a chance to go to the Everglades I’m going crazy."

In the mornings: She's a nanny for a family from 6:15-9:15 a.m.

Scholarships: "I have received a grant for $5000 dollars and a scholarship for $1500 from outside sources."

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Christmas Traditions: "Our Christmas is on the twenty-fourth, so that’s when we will unwrap presents. My grand-dad made a Christmas pyramid that's made out of wood. He carved fairy tales figures [into it] and we put the candles on and it spins and we have that in the house. On the sixth of December Nikolaus comes overnight and puts candy in our boots."

What she misses: "When someone comes to visit I will tell them to bring a bunch of music. And deodorant! My parents brought me like, 10 deodorants. It’s America, there’s so much deodorant but I want mine."

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