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Trey Schultz, General Studies Student

Life’s lessons can be hard.  AACC’s given me the confidence to pursue my passion--wrestling.”

Trey is a fairly typical freshman.  His parents encouraged him to go to college and realized that Trey needed the support that a community college could provide in addition to being an affordable risk. Going away to school was out of the question until he proved he could do the work. Unfortunately, his heart wasn’t really into his studies his first year out.  His parents laid down the law and Trey found himself exposed to the “realities of the real world.”

Trey had to make it on his own at that point. “I had the most unenjoyable job ever.  I made money, but I hated it.  I thought I wouldn’t mind it since my checks were awesome but I wasn’t happy.”

In high school, Trey was an accomplished wrestler and loved sports. His father was a teacher and coach and Trey realized that his father’s job was exactly what he wanted to do, too.  He began to understand what his cavalier attitude about college had cost him.  Getting a college education was a huge missed opportunity to pursue what he really enjoyed in life—wrestling and passing that passion along to others. Trey went back to his parents to strike a new deal.  If they would let him live at home and go to school, he would work part-time and make good grades.  On that promise, he has delivered big-time.

“The full-time load is challenging but not as bad as I thought, once I concentrated on my goal.  I like coming here; it’s fun.  It’s a comfortable atmosphere and the small classes are great.”

Trey is a general studies student and earning good grades.  His plan is to transfer to UMBC to earn his degree in teacher education and join the wrestling club team.  Trey admits that growing up is a hard process and some lessons he’s had to learn the hard way, “sometimes you have to experience some failure to appreciate school.”