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I am AACC: Tara Taggart, Fitness Coordinator

Part-time health faculty/Fitness Coordinator
Faculty/Staff Snapshot

Faculty/Staff Snapshot: Tara Taggart

Hometown: Annapolis

Age: 23

Years at AACC: 2

Responsibilities: Part-time faculty for Health 100, Health 114 and water aerobics; fitness coordinator

When Tara Taggart goes to work, there are no business jackets, suits, and certainly no high heels. Instead she opts for a halter-top bathing suit with a mini wrap around skirt, and later in the day it might be yoga pants, a sports tank top, and a comfortable pair of running shoes. Envious? That's an understatement.

A native Annapolitan, Tara came to AACC after graduating from Brigham Young University of Hawaii in 2005 with an exercise and sports science degree. She now serves as part-time faculty for health and the college’s fitness coordinator and currently teaches three classes: Health 114, Health 100 and water aerobics.

“I love it,” she smiles. “I love teaching, it’s so fun. All my students are my age so that gets a little interesting sometimes, but I love teaching P.E. and being around students.”

As fitness coordinator she oversees the fitness center and work-study and devotes individual attention to those with health and body needs. “I help the faculty and staff and people who don’t know how to use certain [fitness] equipment,” she says. “I’ll do measurements, body fat, and blood pressure measurements, and I show them how to work a machine. If people need a tune up on how to use a piece of equipment, they’ll come back.”

A self-proclaimed “fat kid in school”, Tara’s journey to her passion for exercise and health grew from her mother’s persistence and a quirky but passionate college teacher.

“My brother and I stared taking taekwando and my mom said I couldn’t quit until I got my black bet. So in seventh grade, I would train for my black belt 25 hours a week. Once I was exercising, that’s when the weight came off. I saw that it was the best way to lose weight so I started playing sports in high school and kept going.”

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