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Victoria Walls, Engineering Major

“The AACC faculty are great assets for students.  They mold your ability to think and motivate you to learn.”

Victoria doesn’t fit into anyone’s stereotype of a young mother.  When she was in high school she knew she wasn’t ready for college, so she enlisted in the Navy.  She chose that branch of the military because her stepfather had served in the Navy, too. Victoria enjoyed boot camp and the world it opened up for her. The Navy recruiter had reassured her that her desire to learn Spanish would be accommodated, so you can imagine her surprise when her aptitude test showed that she had a strong ability to learn electronics.  Like most twists in life, this had unforeseen benefits.

At the end of Victoria’s six-year tour of duty, she found herself at Fort Meade and the Army Education Center where AACC has an office.

“AACC transferred in a lot of credits from my military training.  My program of study was well underway and it made sense to continue along that path.  Eventually, I want to become a network engineer, but I’m sticking to electronics to finish this degree faster.”

Victoria met her husband at Fort Meade and is now raising two children, attending school part time and working full time. She has a job she enjoys, working as a civilian government contractor, and plans to continue her education after earning her associate’s degree.  She really enjoyed her experience with AACC and only has two classes left.

“My favorite class was troubleshooting microcomputers with Professor Chris Killian. I had not formed an opinion about community colleges before coming here and I think it’s a great place to explore what you want to do without wasting a lot of money in the process.”