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How Will My Child Benefit from Program Pathways?

Save money on college here and now-
Program Pathways are how!

If your child is completing Program Pathways, he/she may be eligible to receive free college credits at AACC for courses taken in high school. There is no cost for your child to be a Program Pathways student. Simply encourage your child to sign up for classes and enroll in the desired Program Pathway Plan of Study. For more information on becoming a Program Pathway completer in high school, please refer to the Anne Arundel County Public Schools High School Program of Study booklet or contact Mary Garner at 410-777-2891 or

Program Pathways Plans of Study build on prior learning. Your child won't be wasting time and money taking courses they've already mastered in high school.

  • Students are exposed to various career options and hands-on experience in high school. This gives students a better idea of what they want to do before entering college.
  • Plans of Study provide students with a focus. While other students are still wondering what to do with their life, your child will know where he/she’s headed and how to get there.
  • Students to receive free college credit through hard work and achievement in high school as well as provide incentive for continuing their education.
  • With Program Pathways, students are prepared for post-secondary education with a smooth transition to college.

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