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Why Program Pathways For My Students?

Program Pathway Plans of Study build on prior learning. Students won’t waste time and money taking courses in college they’ve already mastered in high school. Plans of Study provide a smooth transition from high school to college, and more importantly, students will be prepared for post-secondary education. Completing a Program Pathway Plan of Study in its entirety with a 3.0 or higher will allow students to earn AACC college credits for their high school program. Approximately 69 percent of all AACPS graduates choosing Maryland colleges attend Anne Arundel Community College. There’s no reason that a student should not take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Help your students focus on a career and not just a degree. Talk with your students and encourage them to enroll in a Program Pathway Plan of Study. Students won’t be “locked” into any path. Instead, Plans of Study will give them a chance to explore different career options in various fields. Through cooperation and agreements with four-year universities, AACC students also have the opportunity to continue their education toward a bachelor's degree.

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