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If you’re looking for a career in a dynamic and respected field that allows you to make a real difference, Anne Arundel Community College’s Paralegal Studies Program might be a perfect fit. One of only four college or university programs in the state of Maryland to be approved by the American Bar Association, our dynamic and well-respected program will prepare you to enter the workforce as a paralegal immediately upon graduation. You’ll be taught by judges, practicing attorneys and experts in the field, with an emphasis on practical applications. You’ll enjoy our onsite law library, Legal Research and Writing course taught at the State Law Library and superb internship program. And with the ability to enroll full- or part-time and courses offered online as well as in day, evening and weekend formats, you can get ahead on your terms.

Career Degrees

AACC offers the following Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree(s). The state of Maryland refers to the A.A.S. as a career degree, because it's intended to provide you with skills to enter the workforce. In some cases, AACC has entered into transfer agreements that allow these degrees to transfer to select colleges. A list of active agreements may be found under Transfer Services on this website.

Business, Paralegal Studies, A.A.S.

You’ll take courses in legal research and writing, business law and tort law, with the ability to choose among a number of exciting electives, such as real estate law, cyberlaw and bankruptcy.


General Practice, Paralegal Studies, A.A.S.

You’ll learn about legal research and writing, law office technology, ethics and so much more in this flexible and self-directed program.


Litigation, Paralegal Studies, A.A.S.

In addition to developing core skills such as legal research and writing, you’ll learn about criminal law, evidence and procedure, domestic relations and tort law.


Interested in Transfer?

If you're interested in earning a four-year degree and want to study this subject, Transfer Studies may be your solution. This distinctive degree is designed to let you choose an area of concentration (or major), while completing your state of Maryland general education requirements.

Transfer Studies, A.A.

The Transfer Studies, A.A. allows you to explore different subjects or concentrate on a specific course plan that will best meet your in-state (and even some out-of-state) transfer goals. If you hope to transfer to a specific program or school, one of our advisors can help structure your AACC studies specifically for that purpose. The result? You get a well-rounded associate degree preparing you for further studies and successful career. 

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Credit Certificates

The following certificates are only available to students who have completed a bachelor’s or associate’s degree and prepare students to advance in their careers.

Business, Paralegal Studies

You’ll take basic courses in tort law, business law, ethics and legal research, with the ability to choose from electives in administrative law, employment law, estates and trusts and so much more.


General Practice, Paralegal Studies

You’ll get a broad understanding of the paralegal field, through basics such as legal research and writing, ethics and business law. You’ll also be able to tailor your studies according to your interests through numerous electives.


General Practice Accelerated, Paralegal Studies

Complete your certificate in only two semesters as you gain a well-rounded paralegal education.


Litigation, Paralegal Studies

You’ll study issues critical to the litigation field, such as criminal evidence and procedure, civil procedure and tort law. You’ll choose from electives in domestic relations, mediation and so much more.


What can you do with a degree in Paralegal Studies?

A degree from our Paralegal Studies Program will prepare you for a number of rewarding career paths. Our graduates pursue positions as paralegals, law office managers, court clerks, administrative assistants, legislative assistants, real estate settlement offices, victim advocates, attorneys and so much more. And with four-year transfer agreements with dozens of colleges and universities in Maryland and beyond, a degree from AACC has never been a better investment. For outlook information about specific careers, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook (sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics), and check out AACC’s Career Coach to discover the perfect career for you.

Transfer Services

The Legal Studies Institute has articulation (transfer) agreements with a number of four-year colleges and universities in Maryland and beyond, so the transition from AACC to your college or university of choice can be seamless and straightforward. A number of students from our Paralegal Studies Program successfully complete their degrees at the University of Baltimore, Stevenson University and University of Maryland, University College.

Learn more about AACC Transfer Services.

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