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Close-up of 3D printer

Whether you want to learn a little more about this cutting-edge technology as a hobbyist, plan to integrate 3D printing into your business, or would like to explore the possibility of pursuing this field as a career, our Introduction to 3D Printing noncredit course is a great way to get started. Topics covered include theory of operation, technology inside of the 3D printers, current and potential applications of 3D printing, basic maintenance, preparation of models for printing, and design considerations. Perform several lab exercises, process models, prepare a 3D printer for use, and learn the basics of 3D CAD modeling.

What Courses Will I Take?

Visit CTU-302 Introduction to 3D Printing for current costs, schedules and additional course information.

How can 3D printing become useful in my life? 

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few examples that individuals may not immediately consider.

AT HOME: Now that 3D printers and their materials are becoming more accessible and affordable, common household items can be made saving consumers serious cash.  Free designs are often available online and printing these items at home can help the family budget as well as allow for customization, creativity, and fun. Here are just a few examples:

  • Smartphone accessories.
  • Garlic press.
  • Shower head.
  • Spoon holder.
  • Portable action camera accessories.
  • Household and holiday decor.

FOR MY SMALL BUSINESS: There are many ways to integrate 3D printing to develop products for sale, or to assist in daily operations.  Here are just a few ways in which this new technology can be used for different businesses:

  • Fashion/Jewelry Design-custom accessories, buttons, jewelry.
  • Music-guitar picks, instrument accessories.
  • Food/Catering-food items themselves using edible materials (e.g. chocolate candies), accessories for the food items such as custom bowls and cups.
  • Photography-3D renditions of photos as keepsakes.
  • Gift/Monogram/Custom Products-custom dice, coasters, bottle holders, monogrammed game pieces, luggage tags.

All areas of business can benefit from 3D printing for their daily operations.  For example, items such as office supplies—expensive to purchase elsewhere and often times lacking customization—can be produced in-house using 3D printing. The list of possibilities is infinite and spans all industries!

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