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Develop the skills necessary to join an industry that continues to see rapid growth or enhance your existing web development skills with these non-credit courses offered at Anne Arundel Community College.

What courses are available?

The following courses are offered throughout the year.

Online Courses

OLI-396 Introduction to Programming

OLA-358 Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3

OLA-359 Intermediate HTML5 and CSS3

OLN-369 Introduction to Java Programming

OLA-344 Introduction to JavaScript

ONL-377 Intermediate Oracle

OLI-339 Introduction to PHP and MySQL

OLI-340 Intermediate PHP and MySQL

OLA-335 Introduction to Python 3.0 Programming


Course Needs or Ideas?

We continuously develop new trainings and courses to meet the needs of our community. Call us at 410-777-2142 to inquire about new courses or to share your ideas.

Our online courses can be scheduled on-demand to serve students who are seeking training on less in-demand topics or who have schedules that demand alternatives to our face-to-face schedules.

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