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Kickboxing student and teacher in class

Imagine leading a group fitness program at a community center, gym or health club or traveling to clients homes to provide one-on-one personal training? With more Americans taking a proactive role in their health, careers in this field are experiencing tremendous growth. That’s not to mention the growing online fitness trends which allow many trainers to brand themselves as online fitness coaches and sell workouts to a virtual community.

If you’re ready to begin a new fitness career or expand your expertise, AACC offers a variety of programs available online, face-to-face or as a combination.

What courses will I take?

CFR 575 Personal Fitness Trainer Certification

CSS 586 Sports Nutrition Consultant Certification

HTH 590 Personal Fitness Trainer Certification: Level 2

FIT 511 Lifestyle Wellness Coach

FIT 512 Fitness Management

Some of these courses are approved by the American Aerobic Association International/International Sports Medicine Association.

How do I enroll?

Register online, by mail or in person.

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