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Steven Borawski - Psychology Department

Office: CRSC 142

Teaching Philosophy

A professor is the Swiss army knife of the academic realm. Yes, our main job is to teach and pass on a world of knowledge to our students. We work hard helping newcomers to lift up their eyes and expand their vision so as to be prepared for what awaits them. We give them the tools and skills that can open new doors and carry them to success. But like the Swiss army knife we must also play a plethora of other roles. Knowledge alone, in many cases, is not enough to launch the ship on its voyage. A good teacher must act as a guide and a mentor to brighten the way when the path seems dim. For when these young travelers hit rough seas we must be there to offer a steady hand and the resources they need to right the ship. Our duties do not end in the classroom or when we leave our offices, because as we leave the hallowed halls of our campuses we step out into a community in need. In many cases we work with organizations and individuals helping lay the foundation for great works to transform the world around us. Though we toil often in the shadows and without much glory, we take pride in the changes that happen step by step. In the meantime, we must never stop learning ourselves. This teacher will spend a lifetime as a student because we will decay if we stand still for too long. There is always more to a story and this tale is no exception. Let’s not forget meetings, committees, publications, and so many other things. We wear many hats and just as one starts to feel comfortable we must put on another one. But we love it and could not imagine our lives any other way.


  • B.S., Psychology, Lake Erie College
  • M.A., Experimental Psychology, Bowling Green State University

Areas of Interest

  • Human and animal time perception
  • Autistic language research
  • Foraging behavior in resource acquisition
  • Hypnosis
  • The use of technology in teaching

Classes Taught

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Psychology of Personality
  • Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • Developmental Psychology