Future Students

Health Care Management Option Program Requirements


The  Health Care Management A.S. degree is designed for those students interested in working health care administration in the public sector, hospitals, clinics and outpatient settings. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects by the 2022, there will be a 23.2% increase in medical and health services management, which translates into a projected 150,000 new jobs. Healthcare today is complex and diverse, and this degree prepares students to meet that challenge through training in human resource management, management theory, healthcare governance, marketing strategies, finance, statistics, information technology, managing health information, and law and ethics that pertain to the healthcare leader/manager. This two-year program provides students with the knowledge, skills and ability for entry level employment in health management.

Upon completion of the 60-credit degree, students are prepared for transition to a four-year institution or university that offers a Bachelor of Science in health care administration.

MDA 111 Introduction to Allied Health and Medical Ethics  2 credits

HIT 111

Introduction to Health Information Technology

 3 credits

BPA 201

Financial Accounting
 3 credits

BPA 172

Human Resource Management  3 credits

BPA 202

Managerial Accounting
 3 credits

MDA 116

Fundamentals of Health Care Delivery Systems
 3 credits

HIT 223

Project Management for Health Information Technology  3 credits

HIT 112

Healthcare Statistics and Quality Performance Improvement  4 credits

For details on upcoming information sessions for the program:

Please contact the office for the School of Health Sciences at 410-777-7310.