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FAQs Transfer Credit to AACC

Have questions about transferring credit to AACC?  Check out the answers to our Transfer Credit FAQs!

Will classes that I take at other institutions affect my GPA at AACC?  No, only courses taken with AACC will be computed in your GPA.

How long does it take to evaluate a transcript for credit? Typically, it takes two weeks to evaluate a transcript for credit, however, there are certain times of the year where it will take longer.  During the weeks before and after a new term begins, the volume of transcripts received by AACC increases and it may take slightly longer.

I am an AACC student and want to take a class at another college. How do I get permission to transfer the course back to AACC? A Permission to StudyPDF form must be completed before the course(s) will be evaluated by the Records Office. Typically, a grade of C or better is needed in order to ensure credit will be accepted.

I took courses at an institution outside of the United States and want to have credits transferred to AACC.  What do I need to do?  Coursework must be evaluated by a professional transcript evaluation service before AACC can review for transfer credit award.  AACC accepts evaluations only from WES, AACRAO, or ECE.  Please see the Transfer Criteria section of our Transfer Credit to AACC page.

There is a course listed on my Transfer Credit Summary, but there are no credits listed for that course, does this mean I am not receiving credit for it? Some courses may be transferred to AACC as developmental courses (preparatory for college-level courses) and have no associated credits. It is acknowledged that you have taken the course and may move on to the next course in the sequence, but no credits are awarded.  Some of these courses may be used in place of AACC’s placement exams.  Please talk to an Academic Advisor for more information.

Some courses may require that a course description or syllabus be provided for further review. Please see the Comment category on your Transfer Credit Summary.

I have received my Transfer Credit Summary, but not all of the colleges I attended are listed on it. Transcripts are evaluated in the order in which they are received and this may mean that we have not received all transcripts that you have requested.  Updated Transfer Credit Summaries are mailed as each transcript is evaluated.

I took a course at another college that I also earned credit for at AACC. Will the credits still be transferred to AACC? No. Transfer credit cannot be awarded for a course if credit has already been earned at AACC.

Some of my courses were accepted for transfer at another college, but not AACC. Why? Transfer credit policies vary by institution and by state. AACC does not rely on another institution for its transfer evaluations.

What do I need to do if I change my major and want to request a re-evaluation of my transcript? Contact one of our Transfer Credit Evaluators at 410-777-2538 or 410-777-2572 or after changing your Program of Study online through MyAACC.

Can I get credit for my work experience? It may be possible to earn credit for your work experience.  Please visit Prior Learning Assessment.

I am applying to the Physician Assistant Program. Why didn’t all of my classes from my Bachelor’s Degree transfer? Only the prerequisite courses for the Physician Assistant program are needed for review of your application to the PA program.  Your degree, if from an accredited institution, will be noted in our system as fulfilling that requirement of the program.

What is an “official” transcript? An official transcript is a transcript received by AACC in a sealed envelope from the institution.  It may be mailed directly by the institution or hand-carried, as long as the envelope has not been opened.  Faxed copies, copies printed from the internet, or transcripts that arrive in an opened envelope are considered “unofficial” and can not be used to award transfer credit.  Unofficial transcripts can be used to waive English and/or math placement testing and course prerequisites as long as the courses are deemed equivalent to AACC courses.