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For instructors who would like to request an SI Student Leader:
Please visit the SI Leader Recommendation Form web page where you'll find a list of SI Student Leader qualifications and an automated form for recommending that student. Have your student visit the SI Leader Application Form web page and complete the online application.  Jackie Tyler, SI Director, will schedule an interview with the student.  Thank you!

 Please read what faculty members are saying about SI...

"I have seen student test scores go up by as much as 30 points after students began regularly attending SI sessions."
Professor Amy Allen-Chabot
BIO 135, Principles of Nutrition

"The SI Program is a triple winner. It helps students succeed in class. It is a great confidence builder and resume enhancer for our SI Leader. It is a source of financial support for the SI Leader who truly works hard and deserves it."
Professor Jill Kolody
BPA 211, Principles of Accounting

"Students who attend SI have a camaraderie that wouldn't have come from just attending lecture alone; this bonding experience helps each student demonstrate their strengths and allows students to learn from each other. The students who attend SI and the SI leaders demonstrate that there is no better way to learn than to teach." 
Professor Sally Hornor
BIO 223, General Microbiology

"SI has provided a wonderful format for my students to disccuss and get help with difficult course topics. Because of the consistent schedule of review sessions, students have a structured opportunity for revisiting course material. I have found that when students use SI, total class averages on exams have been higher."
Professor Ben Weibell
BIO 101, Fundamentals of Biology

"SI exposes students to different ways of describing and thinking about the same biological concept. I am most excited about the improvements I see in student grades of those who regularly attend SI review sessions. Supplemental Instruction definitely works!"
Professor Jessamy Rango
BIO 101, Fundamentals of Biology

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