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Elisabeth Smearman, BIO 101(Fundamentals of Biology):  

Joe Toolan, BIO 101 (Fundamentals of Biology):   Joe is currently in his second year at AACC and planning to transfer to a four year college where he will major in Environmental Science.  He took Biology with Dr. Rango and is looking forward to using SI to help students succeed in the class.  When he is not running SI sessions, going to school, or working he enjoys reading and watching movies.

Lynette DelPrete, BIO 135/136 (Principles of Nutrition):  Lynette has been the SI Leader for BIO 135 for several years. She began leading SI sessions when she witnessed first hand how group study can improve a student's understanding of course material.  She facilitates both on campus and online sessions.

Cynthia DeGuzman, BIO 223 (Microbiology):  Cynthia is especially excited to be an SI leader for Dr. Loukides' Microbiology course.  Her love of this material was discovered when she took the course here at AACC.  Cynthia plans to use her love of science and enthusiasm for Microbiology to facilitate an outstanding SI group!  Cynthia is pursuing a careeer as a Physician's Assistant.

Celeste Rixey, BIO 230 (Structure/Function of Human Body): 
Celeste is looking forward to being an SI leader for Dr. Mody.  She graduated from the  Therapuetic Massage Therapy Program at AACC last spring.  She will be using resources such as handouts, quizzzes, Jeopardy and online links to help students in her SI sessions.

 Corry Clark, CHE 111 (Chemistry 1): 
Corry recently graduated with a Bachelors in Public HEalth and is pursuing acceptance in Physical Therapy shcool.  Having been an SI leader in Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, she is looking forward to the new challenge of SI leader in Chemistry.  She firmly believes that any  student who is willing to spend time on the material and complete assignments can succeed in Chemisry 1!

Mike Sartori, CHE 111 (Chemistry 1): 
Mike is finishing up the Engineering Transfer Program at AACC.  He is looking forward to helping students suceed in Chemistry by providing help during on campus and online review sessions. 

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