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Corry Clark, BIO 101 (Fundamentals of Biology): Corry is the proud SI leader for Dr. Rango’s class.  Corry became an SI leader because she really enjoyed the material in the class and wanted others to understand and become as interested as she is.  When studying she finds it most helpful to use many different study tools and she tries to integrate them all into her sessions.  She is currently pursuing two Bachelor's degrees from the University of Maryland: Kinesiology and Community and Behavioral Health.

Candee Williams, BIO 101 (Fundamentals of Biology):  Candee is thrilled to be working as an SI leader with Dr, Rango.  Candee realized she enjoyed science after taking BIO 101 and wants to help others enjoy and learn the material in the course. She tries to incorporate several study techniques in her SI sessions.  She is currently studying as a Biology major at AACC and hopes to pursue a Biochemistry degree at the University of Maryland.

Lynette DelPrete, BIO 135 (Principles of Nutrition): Lynette has been the SI Leader for BIO 135 for several years. She began leading SI sessions when she witnessed first hand how group study can improve a student's understanding of course material.  She facilitates sessions both on campus and online.  One of her favorite quotes goes something like this:  "Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, and you've fed him for a lifetime".  She tries to teach learning strategies in all of her sessions so that her students will have lifetime success.

Anna K. Jett, BIO 231 (Human Biology):  Anna is the proud SI Leader for Dr. Domanski’s classes. Anna became an SI Leader because she wanted to give back to the community that has helped her. Anna loves to help students of all ranges. Returning to college after 20 years, Anna utilized the SI study group to become a successful science student. Anna is pursuing a career change from Elementary School teacher. She is a Health Information Technology major. 

Jon Wilson, BIO 233 (Anatomy and Physiology I):  Jon is the SI leader for Dr. Schrader after having a great experience with a study group through A&P 1 and 2 over the past year.  He learned several studying habits that paid off through both courses and hopes to pass those on to other students.  Aside from studying techniques, Jon looks forward to helping students understand challenging concepts in physiology.  He will be applying to a Physician Assistant program after his completing classes at AACC.

Nima Omoumi, BPA 211 (Principles of Accounting 1):  Nima is the leader for Professor Reb Beatty's class this semester.  He wanted to be an SI leader because he enjoys studying with his peers, sharing his knowledge, and especially learning from other students.  He also believes that being an SI leader will help him solidify his Accounting knowledge.  This is important because he is majoring in Business Administration and will transfer to the University of Maryland at College Park next year. In his free time he enjoys outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing and hiking especially if accompanied by friends.

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