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Elisabeth Smearman, BIO 101(Fundamentals of Biology):  Elisabeth loves working with students by helping them find new and interesting ways of studying as well as guiding them to a better understanding of the material.  This will be Elisabeth's second semester working with Dr. Weibell to provide a great opportunity for students to learn in a group environment.  She is currently studying to major in both Nursing and Spanish.  Through SI she has gained a greater appreciation for Biology and looks forward to every SI session! 

Candee Williams, BIO 101 (Fundamentals of Biology):  Candee is thrilled to be working as an SI leader for her third semester with Dr, Rango.  Candee realized she enjoyed science after taking BIO 101 and wants to help others enjoy and learn the material in the course. She tries to incorporate several study techniques in her SI sessions.  She is currently studying as a Biology major at AACC and hopes to pursue a Biochemistry degree at the University of Maryland.

Lynette DelPrete, BIO 135/136 (Principles of Nutrition):  Lynette has been the SI Leader for BIO 135 for several years. She began leading SI sessions when she witnessed first hand how group study can improve a student's understanding of course material.  She facilitates online sessions in Canvas.

Selena Shanahan, BIO 135/136 (Principles of Nutrition):  Selena chose to become an SI leader because she enjoys the content and loves helping others obtain an understanding of the material.  Selena is majoring in Dietetics, so being the leader for this course will definitely help cement the material for her as well!

Cynthia DeGuzman, BIO 223 (Microbiology):  Cynthia is especially excited to be an SI leader for Dr. Loukides' Microbiology course.  Her love of this material was discovered when she took the course here at AACC last semester.  Cynthia plans to use her love of science and enthusiasm for Microbiology to facilitate an outstanding SI group!  Cynthia is pursuing a careeer as a Physician's Assistant.

Ehrin Darby, BIO 230 (Structure/Function of Human Body):  Ehrin is in her second semester of leading SI sessions for Dr. Mody.  She believes SI sessions are important so that students have a comfortable environment where they can freely ask questions, dig deeper and leave feeling accomplished, competent and EXCITED about learning! She is working on a transfer degree to University of Maryland where she will pursue a degree in Neuroscience, Alternative Medicine, or Mortuary Science.  One of her favorite quotes is "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right!"

Nima Omoumi, BPA 202 (Managerial Accounting):  Nima is in his third semester as an SI leader in Accounting.  He wanted to be an SI leader because he enjoys studying with his peers, sharing his knowledge, and especially learning from other students.  He also believes that being an SI leader will help him solidify his Accounting knowledge.  This is important because he is majoring in Business Administration and will transfer to the University of Maryland at College Park next fall. In his free time he enjoys outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing and hiking especially if accompanied by friends.

Tynetta Smith, CHE 111 (Chemistry 1):  Tynetta is back for her second semester as the SI leader for Dr. Tracey's class.  

Melissa Vaaltyn, CHE 111 (Chemistry 1):  Melissa excelled in General Chemistry 1 and is really excited to be the SI leader this semester.  Melissa thinks it is always beneficial to understand other students/ methods of learning and believes more minds working together are better than one.  She is currently a Transfer Studies major and will be graduating and transferring to a 4-year institution at the end of this semester where she plans to major in Biochemistry.

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