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Supplemental Instruction - About Us

Our Mission

  • To help students improve test scores and GPA in introductory and historically difficult courses (30% of students receiving a grade of D, F, or W) such as mathematics, science, social science, and law
  • To help students gain leadership skills
  • To reduce drop-out rates
  • To increase attendance and graduation rate

Components of Supplemental Instruction (SI):

 Origin of Supplemental Instruction (SI):

  • Created by Deanna Martin, Ph.D., at University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) to decrease the attrition rate of students in the schools of medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry.
  • Rosemary Wolfe, recognized by UMKC Certified Trainer of Supervisors, developed the SI program at AACC.
  • Jackie Tyler is the current SI Director at AACC.

   Tell me, and I forget.
Show me, and I remember.
Involve me, and I understand.

-Chinese Proverb