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Engaging STEM Employers

Thank you for your interest in Engaged Learning for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). We look forward to working with you to make this a positive experience for both you and the student(s) who will intern with your company/agency/organization. STEM Engaged Learning can provide its expertise in helping you:

  • Assess Need for Interns
  • Develop Position Descriptions
  • Present Student Profiles
  • Pre-screen Internship Applicants
  • Evaluate Intern Progress
  • Exchange Feedback

STEM Engaged Learning serves as your point of contact for recruiting students, pre-screening applicants, setting up on-campus/on-site events as well as other opportunities to prepare AACC students for the STEM workforce. To get started, please click on a link below:


Hire an Intern

As you know, an internship can provide a vital link between student academics and "real-world" experiences. Internships can be offered as credit-based or noncredit-based and with compensation or without compensation.

The credit-based internship provides a more formal approach to the experience and features:

  • Minimum Hour Requirement
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Work-site Mentor
  • Learning Objectives
  • Periodic Performance Evaluations

Typically, credit-based internships require a minimum of 120 workable hours (7 - 8 hours/week) and offer 3 college credits. The faculty advisor will work with the employer and the student to establish learning objects and tasks to support those objectives. The work-site mentor evaluates the student's job performance at mid-semester and at semester-end.

Internship opportunities are managed through Internship Navigator powered by NACElink. Through Internship Navigator, employers can register and post internship opportunities for AACC students and alumni at NO COST. Additionally, employers can view applicant resumes, evaluate intern performance, and make requests to schedule information sessions and workshops.

Mentor a Student

Mentoring is another important component of preparing students for the STEM workforce. STEM Engaged Learning seeks industry professionals willing to serve as mentors to further develop our students in STEM disciplines. Mentoring is a mutually-beneficial experience igniting a spark that can last forever. Advantages to becoming a mentor include:

  • Helping others succeed
  • Supporting and building a stronger STEM pipeline
  • Renewing and developing leadership skills
  • Developing relationships with new talent

Mentoring can be truly rewarding and include job shadowing as well as career exploration. To learn more about mentoring opportunities and/or become a mentor, please send an e-mail (subject line: Mentor) to

Schedule an Event

As a STEM Partner, companies are recognized and invited to connect with our STEM students who are seeking internship opportunities in areas of Cyber Security, Networking, Electrical/Civil/Mechanical Engineering, Computer Programming, Chemistry, Cryptography, Physical Sciences, and more. Selected STEM Partners are welcomed to host various information sessions and/or activities to emphasize pathways to employment. Some ideas could include helping students learn what the company does, understanding its culture, inquiring about internships, and discovering what is looked for in candidates.

To inquire about the STEM Partners initiative, please send an e-mail (subject line: STEM Partner) to

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