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Leadership Workshop Descriptions

Each workshop has their own unique learning objectives. Facilitators want students to leave each workshop knowing that students have learned and gained skills. Below are the learning objectives for each workshop offered.
Job Search and Networking strategies, February 2nd
  • Provide students with different styles of resume writing
  • Explain various resources available for students at the college
  • Students will be able to have their own individual resume looked at and edited

Identity Development, March 3rd

  • Students will be able to critically examine and evaluate their racial/cultural identity and how that impacts the campus community
  • Acquire knowledge that increases one's capacity to articulate about who they are and discuss their own personal stories
  • Students will be able to discuss how they can engage, learn from, and work with people whose cultural identity is different from their own

Got Values, March 30th

  • Give insight to one's personal values and how to communicate those with others who have different belief systems
  • Techniques for handling difficult and ambiguous situations. 

Foundations of Leadership, April 6th

  • Learn the core principles that all great leaders possess and gain access to the tools to support your life, relationships, academics, and career.
  • Find out how to immediately apply physical and mental exercises to anchor yourself for success through any challenge. It's now time to get energized to Live at a level beyond where everyone else is living!